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All about what we do

We paint faces, arms, hands, legs, backs and shoulders - if you would like a design painted in a specific place, just ask.  At events for children we will paint only areas exposed by normal clothing. Under general circumstances we will paint on any area which would be exposed if the person was wearing a swimsuit, although if we paint on an area which is then covered by clothing the paint will rub off quickly. Painted designs will not work well on very hairy skin, so this may limit where we can paint on some people.  

We will apply glitter tattoos to any body part which we would otherwise paint, but we cannot apply them to faces, and they are not recommended for other areas of sensitive skin.

If you are interested in full or partial bodypainting for promotional or photographic purposes please speak to us about your requirements. We also do pre-natal art ["baby-bump" painting] - please enquire for details.

We also provide adult and children's entertainment from Award-winning Magician Scott Cuthbertson, balloon modelling, children's party entertainment with music, games and dances, and workshop activities for older kids and adults. Packages are available for events of all kinds.

We can help put you in touch with all sorts of other entertainment professionals to put the finishing touches to your event - party planners, balloon decorations, speciality cakes, caterers, DJs, bands, bouncy castles and inflatables and many more.

We do not ask our customers to choose from books or pictures - all our painters are well versed in a huge range of popular faces and designs and can improvise to accomodate almost any other request we might receive allowing both children and adults to make a free choice [subject to the limits of time and materials] - Examples of our work are available to look at in the Gallery.

We are happy to work within a theme on request - please specify this when you are booking to allow us to ensure we are properly prepared for your event. 



We assume that you will not want the children at your party to miss out on other activities or entertainment, so we do not them to queue. We will simply call them out one at a time so that each child only misses out on other activities for the short time it takes to be painted. At birthday parties we normally try to paint the birthday child before the party starts so that they do not miss anything.

Large Public and Corporate Events

At large events where it will only be possible to paint a proportion of those attending we will ask people to queue and be painted on a first-come-first-served basis. At events such as this you may wish to book more than one painter to reduce the waiting time for those present. In most cases it will be necessary to close the queue some time before the end of the event in order to allow us to complete painting those in the queue, and finish work at the agreed time.


Our face painters and entertainers will bring all the equipment they require with them to your event.

Face painters will need a space to set up a table and chair, access to a supply of clean water and somewhere to dispose of dirty water. Wherever we are working a reasonable level of light, either natural or artificial, is essential - we cannot paint if we cannot see! For outdoor events suitable cover/shelter will be required even in good weather.

Depending on the type of entertainment booked, entertainers may require access to power for music and lighting, and may need a suitable changing area. If outdoors cover/shelter for static performers will be required.

As general guidance, one of our painters will be able to complete at least 10-12 full children's faces in an hour. A larger number of simple but still effective designs can be completed in the same time. Small designs on children's cheeks are not necessarily faster than full faces as they often require a lot of detail in a small space, and on a moving target.

The time taken to complete a design depends upon the level of detail required - If you require very complex or detailed designs these will take longer than simple designs, and the number of faces we can paint will be reduced accordingly. 

Enqiries , getting a quote, making a booking.

Fees for face painting and entertainment are charged by the hour. Charges may vary according to the type of event, the number and type of painters or entertainers you wish to book, and the location, so it is best to ask for a quote for your individual requirements. We endeavour to keep our prices as competitive as possible, and our package prices offer significant savings over individual booking rates.

We are happy to quote for your event with no obligation. We can often suggest a number of different options to suit your requirements and fit a wide range of budgets. The more information you can give us when you enquire the better, but in order to quote we will need to know at least the type of event, the general location, the length of time you wish to book and if possible the expected numbers. No job is too big or too small, and we are happy to travel so please enquire - you may be surprised just how competitive our rates are!

If you want to check availability you will need to let us know the date and time you have in mind. Dates are booked on a first-come-first-served basis. If you have checked the date you want is available, but are not ready to book we may offer to hold the date for a short time. Dates can be held for a maximum of 5 working days. We will take your contact details, and if we receive another enquiry for the same date within the hold period we will make every effort to contact you before we accept another booking. Popular dates [weekends and holidays] fill up fastest, so if you want to make a booking for a specific date we recommend getting in touch 6-8 weeks in advance.

You can contact us to make a booking by phone, text message, via our Facebook page or by e-mail.  We will ask for all the details of your event, and we will confirm the price for the job and any deposit payable when we take the booking.

We will send you a booking contract and our terms of business either by post or e-mail, and you will need to confirm the booking to us and pay any deposit within 14 days. Deposit payments made by cheque should be accompanied by a signed copy of the booking contract. If you choose to pay your deposit by PayPal or bank transfer you can confirm your booking in writing by e-mail or text/Facebook message. Please let us know if you have not received a confirmation within 10 days of making a booking. A signed booking form, written confirmation of the booking or payment of the deposit indicates acceptance of our terms and conditions of business. 

If you need to alter your booking in any way please contact us as soon as possible - we will do our best to accommodate changes in time and date according to availability.

Payment for your event may be made on the day by cash or cheque, or in advance by cheque, PayPal or bank transfer - please enquire for details. Deposits may be paid by using the PayPal button on the website, or by cheque, postal order or bank transfer - Please note if you choose to send cash through the post you do so at your own risk. We regret we do not have facilities to accept credit card payments except through PayPal. The balance due must be paid in full on the day of the event unless by prior agreement.

We are happy to travel worldwide provided expenses are met. We make no charge for travel to events within 50 miles/1 hour distance of our home base. For events further than 50 miles/1 hour distance we accept a minimum 2 hour booking, and milage may be charged. We are based in Neilston, South-west of Glasgow. 

Important Information

We use only professional waterbased face paints. All products are EU, EEC and FDA approved for use on face and body. The paints are hypoallergenic, and contain agents to prohibit the formation of yeast, mold and bacteria. We use only super-fine cosmetic grade polyester glitters with no metallic content, which are safe for skin and eyes.

Glitter tattoos are applied using dermatologically approved body glue and super-fine polyester glitter. The skin is cleaned prior to application with sterile wipes to ensure hygenic application.

To remove paint from skin, first rinse off as much as possible with clean warm water, and then work up a lather using mild soap, rinse and repeat as necessary. Vegetable or glycerine soap is most effective in removing face paint. Some colours contain stronger pigments and may require several washes to remove completely, especially on very fair or dry skin, but all will come off without staining.

Please do not use baby wipes or make-up cleansers or wipes to remove face paint - these contain alcohol and astringent cleansers which dry the skin and may react with the paint, and oils which can "set" the paint, making it harder to remove.

To remove face paint from clothing rinse well with warm water as soon as possible after staining, and treat with vegetable soap before laundering as usual.

Glitter tattoos are waterproof and will stay on for 3-5 days depending on the amount of friction the skin receives. To remove, use baby oil on cotton wool [olive oil, shaving oil or similar will work equally well] and hold the oily pad over the tattoo for a few minutes to soften the glue, then rub gently to remove. Tattoos can also be removed by gentle rubbing with bath oil in the bath or shower. Glitter tattoos are not recomended for application to the face or other sensitive areas.

All face painters and entertainers supplied by Face Painting by Dawn hold Public Liability Insurance of at least £2m. Dawn is insured through Equity by First Act, with a £10m limit of indemnity.


Though it is not a legal requirement for face painters and entertainers to be Disclosure Scotland [PVG] checked, as we do not have one-to-one contact with children or vulnerable people, most choose to undergo a voluntary check for your peace of mind. Our face painters and entertainers can all produce clean Disclosure [PVG] certificates on request.

Use of Photographs

We are happy for you to take photos of the children and adults we paint at your event, and of our painters and entertainers at work.

We may, occasionally, ask permission to take photos of the faces we paint, or of our painters or entertainers working at your event. We may display photographs on this or other face painting websites, on social networking sites, or use them for advertising purposes. We will not photograph any child without adult consent and no name or personal details will be published with such photos. If we take a photograph of your child we will be happy to supply you with a digital copy of the picture at no charge. If you do not wish your child's photo to be used as described please let us know.

All images displayed on this site are the work of Dawn Cuthbertson unless otherwise stated, and I retain absolute copyright. No image may be copied, downloaded or otherwise used in any form except with the express permission of Face Painting by Dawn.

If you have booked a painter or entertainer and would like us to supply images for you to use to advertise our presence at your event please contact us. In most circumstances we will be happy to provide suitable images for use in advertising material.

Terms of Business and Disclaimer 

Please read these Terms of Business carefully  If you do not agree with our terms you must advise us in writing within 48 hours of receipt of your contract and your booking will be cancelled without penalty. After 48 hours you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and standard cancellation charges will apply.

Payment, Booking Fees and Cancellations

Private Bookings -  Payment for your event can be made on the day by cash or cheque. You can also pay in advance by cheque, PayPal or bank transfer - please enquire for details. All advance payments must be received not less than 3 working days before the event date unless otherwise agreed. The balance due must be settled in full on or before the day of the event except by prior arrangement. The agreed payment terms for your event are noted on your booking contract. If you require an invoice for your records please request one when confirming your booking.

We accept payment of booking fees by PayPal via the button on our website, by cheque, postal order or bank transfer - Please note that if you choose to send cash you do so at your own risk. We regret that we do not have facilities to accept credit card payments except via PayPal. Cancellation charges apply as stated below.

Corporate Bookings -  Payment terms are as agreed and are stated on your contract / invoice.  Where payment is to be made in advance or on the day of the event, an advance invoice will be submitted on request to permit payment processing.  Where credit is extended for payment on invoice, terms are strictly 30 days unless otherwise agreed and stated. Interest may be charged at our discretion on payments overdue by more than 10 days at a rate of 10% per week. Cancellation charges apply as stated below. Booking fees are not usually required for corporate bookings.

The signed booking contract, a written confirmation of the booking by e-mail, message or text, or payment of the booking fee will constitute a binding contract, and indicates agreement of these terms and conditions. The booking fee, once paid, is non-refundable except as detailed below. All bookings are considered provisional until the signed contract, written confirmation or booking fee is received. Provisional booking dates which remain unconfirmed more than 14 days after the issue of a contract may be released for alternative bookings without further notice.

Cancellations -  Cancellations notified within 7 days of making the booking and more than 14 days in advance of the event date will incur no charge, and any booking fee paid will be returned.  Bookings cancelled within 14 days of the event date will incur a 50% charge. Cancellation within 7 days of the event date will incur a 75% charge, and within 72 hours of the event the full fee will be payable. These charges are applied at our discretion and may be waived or amended in exceptional circumstances, or if an alternative mutually acceptable date is booked at the time of cancellation, such date being no more than 90 days from that of the original booking.

It is the responsibility of the booker to check the details of the contract and ensure that these are correct. Changes or corrections to the contract must be advised without delay. We will make every effort to accommodate changes to the contracted time or date prior to your booking, and subject to availability, but where we are unable to do so cancellation charges may apply as above. If an artist or performer presents themselves ready and willing to work at the contracted time and place, and is prevented from performing the contracted service due to booker error or other circumstances [including event cancellation due to adverse weather conditions], the full fee for the contracted booing will remain due and payable.

If, for reasons beyond our control, we find that the booked artist/performer is unable to fulfil our obligations regarding your booking, we will make every reasonable effort to find an alternative face painter or entertainer to attend your event. We will inform you if this is necessary, but reserve the right to substitute an alternative artist or entertainer of equal ability without penalty. If we are unable to find a suitable replacement artiste we will refund any booking fee and give you a 50% discount on your next booking.

Health & Safety Disclaimer

Face Painting by Dawn uses only professional water based face paints. All products are FDA, EU and EEC approved for use on face and body. The paints are hypoallergenic and contain agents to prohibit the formation of yeast, mould and bacteria. We use only super-fine cosmetic grade polyester glitters with no metallic content, which are safe for skin and eyes. Glitter tattoos are applied using dermatologically approved body glue and polyester glitter. For tattoos the skin is cleaned prior to application with sterile wipes.

We adhere to strict standards of hygiene -  clean sponges are used for each face and brushes are rinsed thoroughly in clean water which is changed regularly. Sponges and brushes are washed with hot water and specialist soap between events. Dirty faces are wiped before we start work, and we use anti-bacterial hand cleanser to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

As with any cosmetic product, face paint may cause a skin reaction in a small number of people. In such cases the paint should be removed immediately using mild soap and warm water. Reactions are most likely in those sensitive to detergents and perfumed products or suffering food allergies. We accept no liability for adverse reactions to the products used -  if in doubt please ask for a patch test and wait 30 minutes before being painted. Face paints should always be removed after 2-3 hours and children should not be allowed to wear face paint overnight.

Face paints are recommended for use on children aged 3 and over. We will not paint full faces on children under 3, but a small cheek, hand or arm painting may be offered to children aged between 2 and 3 at our discretion and at the parents own risk. We will not paint children under 2 years. This prohibition is due to advice from our Insurers based on medical research which suggests that children under 2 are significantly more likely to become sensitised and develop allergies in later life due to product exposure while their immune systems are still immature.

No person with cold sores, conjunctivitis, open wounds or any apparent skin disease or inflammation of the face will be painted. We may offer hand or arm painting as an alternative at our discretion. We will not paint any person who is obviously suffering from a cold or flu or an infectious illness such as measles or chicken pox. The decision of the face painter is final.

General Guidance

Adult consent is required before any child under 16 years old can be painted. At private parties it will be deemed to be the responsibility of the client to inform parents that face painting will be offered, and to inform the painter if any child cannot be painted.

AUTHORISATION FOR PUBLIC/CORPORATE EVENTS If you are booking a face painter for a public/corporate event you may authorise us to paint unaccompanied children [under 16’s], or instruct us to paint only children who are accompanied by an adult. If you wish us to paint unaccompanied children this is done entirely at your own risk. Where no authorisation is given only accompanied children [under 16] will be painted.

Despite being CRB/PVG checked our face painters and entertainers are not child minders, and do not accept responsibility for any child left unaccompanied. Parents/guardians are deemed responsible for their children’s safety and behaviour, and at least one responsible adult must be present in the performance area at all times during private events.

Face painting should be fun for all involved. In order to avoid harm and distress we will only paint children who want to be painted, are able to communicate their wishes to the painter, and who are able to sit reasonably still. We will not paint unwilling or distressed children, nor will we paint children who are asleep, regardless of adult wishes.

Many artists have experience working with children and adults with disabilities and sensory issues, and are happy to try to include them in the activity where possible. Parents and Carers of children or adults with special needs should speak to the painter/entertainer present who will do their best to accommodate these.

We will not paint subjects, words or symbols which we deem to be offensive, or which are inappropriate to the event. Team badges, colours and associated symbols will only be painted at appropriate sporting events.

Face Painting by Dawn operates a policy of zero tolerance towards violent and abusive behaviour. We reserve the right to refuse to paint or entertain any person who behaves in a violent or abusive manner towards the painter/performer or any other person. A face painter may, at their discretion, refuse to paint any person obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Violent or abusive behaviour by any person during face painting/entertainment will result in the activity being halted until such persons are removed, and if such behaviour is ongoing, may result in the withdrawal of services.

The decision of the face painter or entertainer is final.